The power of meditation

Sarah Smith September 15, 2016 0

IMG_3545Spirituality is something that is distinctively different for each individual. Some people will connect their spirituality to their belief and faith in a higher power, while others would say it’s their connection to the universe. Having a clear mind is essential to your spiritual wellness. Spirituality can encompass the entirety of your health and well-being.

Clearing one’s mind can be done in a number of ways: prayer, mediation, exercise or writing. Whatever medium one may choose, it is important to be locked in and centered on that medium, which can be difficult in today’s world of mobile device notifications and social media alerts. Tuning out the busy world can help increase your inner peace of mind, give you the chance to shed the day away, give new light to an old problem and allow you to become one with yourself.

Mediation is a chance to relieve the negative thoughts of the day, increase self-awareness and be present in the moment. Placing yourself in a quiet setting, in a relaxed position, while controlling your breathing and focusing your attention on something positive, can help to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul from the daily stressors.

During meditation, envisioning something positive can set the tone for the rest of your day. Some people chose to repeat mantras, or positive affirmations, while others find it beneficial to just be quiet. There is no specific way to do this, but the goal is to remove yourself from anything and everything that can become a distraction to you.

Tuning out the world around you may seem difficult at first. Let’s face it, we live in a time where the world is literally in the palm of our hand. So trying to detach ourselves from daily distractions can be difficult at first; but changing just a few things in your daily routine can help improve your serenity. In that space of time where you chose to be by yourself, be it 30 minutes or an hour, put your mobile devices in another room. This moment is for you and you alone. Sometimes outside distractions can become poisonous to your personal growth, so it may be best to even remove them from your life all together. We feed our body with more than what is on our plate. The intake of energy we chose to have in our lives can control how we choose to expend ours. The law of Attraction basically states that we attract what we are. This is why it is important that as you take the time to mediate and reflect, you are becoming a better person for not only yourself, but as well as those you will ultimately share a common space with on this great big planet we call home. Become the person you want to have around you.

Giving yourself some time away from the distractions of the world, will help you become in sync with who you are in this life and what you want out of it. Practicing this technique will give you a better purpose and sense of your life, which you will manifest in. Becoming one with yourself will strengthen your spiritual wellness every time it’s applied.

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Sarah Smith is currently a senior attending Kennesaw State University working towards a degree in nursing. Passionate in all things social justice and community health realated, she plans on becoming a public health nurse for under serviced communities.

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