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Tiana L. Ferrell November 9, 2016 0

ring-shout-gullah-islandsIn October 2016, artist Synthia SAINT JAMES revealed her latest painting, “Ring Shout: Gullah Islands” which was directly inspired by the documentary film about John Islands, South Carolina entitled, I AM GULLAH: We Are Geechee, that is currently in the pre-production stages.

SAINT JAMES was brought on as one of the producers of I AM GULLAH: We Are Geechee, by filmmaker Eartha Robinson, and began her documentation of John’s Island with her masterful painting. Eartha Robinson, an actress in the film “Daughters of the Dust”, shared a photo with SAINT JAMES that inspired her first Gullah painting in 1991 titled, “Daughters.”

A self-taught artist, a young Synthia knew she wanted to be an artist by the tender age of 5 and sold her first painting by the age of 20. She remains passionate about the arts, writing, learning new things, and sharing the many cultures of the world through her paintings and designs.

Through her art, SAINT JAMES hopes to leave a legacy that is resilient and inspirational.  “My goal and hopefully my legacy will be that though my art, both visual and written; I will inspire others (both young and older) to follow their individual dreams, passions and desires,” stated Synthia SAINT JAMES.

In the mid-70’s, SAINT JAMES was encouraged to pursue an acting/modeling career. From 1973-1978 she portrayed various roles yet the highlight of her acting career was appearing in the national McDonald’s commercial as the spokesperson/counter-girl in 1977. Even though she made great strides as an actress, her visual arts/painting career remained her number one priority.

When it comes to the motivation behind her creative process, Dr. SAINT JAMES explains her source of inspiration. “I am continuously inspired, motivated, and humbled by the artistic GIFTS that the Creator has given me.  I liken myself to a sponge, everything around me arouses me to paint, write and design: nature, music, films, dance, books and people.”

Synthia SAINT JAMES is currently booking for her 2017 HBCU Tour, which she credits the students in helping to boost her creative energies and hopes to inspire theirs too. In addition, she has new poetry books and a monologue that she released this year, and is looking forward to seeing them choreographed, staged and performed.

Synthia SAINT JAMES 2017 HBCU Tour Dates

Artist-in-Residence – Tuskegee University – February 15-19th

Includes a Solo Art Exhibition – Late Jan-thru February

Artist-in-Residence – Kentucky State University – March 20-24th

For booking: / 323.993.5722

To learn more about “Ring Shout: Gullah Islands” and Synthia SAINT JAMES, click here.

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Facebook – Synthia SAINT JAMES

Instagram – ChiSaiSAINTJAMES

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