Juicing: drink your vegetables

Sarah Smith February 11, 2015 0

As busy adults, many of us do not meet our daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Perhaps you are not fond of the taste or texture of strong earthy greens or maybe you just can’t seem to find the time to make a hearty lunch. Fortunately, there is a simple solution, juicing.


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Juicing is one of the latest health crazes that has everyone going bananas–literally! Retaining the same nutritional value as its whole fruit version, juicing gives you the ability to pack your favorite fruits and vegetables in one sitting. By juicing one cup of fresh orange juice you are, essentially, eating a few large oranges. Juicing also allows you to trick your taste buds by turning unsavory vegetables into a sweet delight once you add in your favorite fruits.

Juicing is a great start to achieving a healthy lifestyle! By blending your daily servings of fresh fruits and vegetables you are getting a balanced meal and skipping the artificial flavors and preservatives that are commonly found in foods. You can also incorporate things such as nuts, beans, and tofu in your juicing experience for additional protein. Even plain Greek yogurt, almond milk and a scoop of low-fat ice cream can serve as a great source of dairy. And don’t forget your fiber intake! When you are blending your fruits and veggies, you are separating the fiber from the actual fruit juice. Fiber is essential in maintaining a regular digestive system because it regulates blood and sugar levels.

Juicing has also been associated with alleviating skin disease (dark berries, avocados), immune disorders (kiwis, spinach), high blood pressure (garlic, bananas) and even reducing the risk of cancers (tomatoes, broccoli). The release of many of these anti-oxidative agents found in fruits and vegetables aid the daily maintenance of cell growth. Also, unlike cooking, juicing your veggies maintains the enzymes needed to break down food and speed up digestion.

With all of the health benefits of blending your fruits and veggies – Keep Calm and Juice Away!

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith is currently a senior attending Kennesaw State University working towards a degree in nursing. Passionate in all things social justice and community health realated, she plans on becoming a public health nurse for under serviced communities.

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