Gospel artist Geoffrey Golden

Ronnie Holman November 20, 2015 0

Geoffrey Golden Photo Credit: Hannibal Matthews

Geoffrey Golden
Photo Credit: Hannibal Matthews

BET’s Sunday Best season 7 winner, Geoffrey Golden, has taken the gospel industry by storm. Even though he is still in school, his debut album, Kingdom…LIVE!, is receiving some heavenly reviews for the hit single, ‘All of My Help.’

“It is still surreal thinking from the time I went on Sunday Best and being around Kirk Franklin, Donnie McClurkin, Keke Sheard, and so many others,” Golden said. “I’m glad God has put me in a place where I can expose to the world the greatness he has put in Cleveland. There are so many great musicians, awesome artists, and so many worship leaders who are hidden gems.”

Being a national recording artist and college student can be quite demanding Golden admits. “It’s definitely an adjustment for me trying to find a new rhythm in life. It has been a challenge having to learn how important balance is, how important organization is, and how important it is to stay on top of things like being punctual.” Golden is scheduled to graduate from Morehouse College in 2016.

Since winning the competition, Golden has had the opportunity to work with gospel artist and Sunday Best host, Kirk Franklin. “When Geoffrey Golden won season 7 of BET’s Sunday Best, I knew we had discovered a very special talent,” said Kirk Franklin, Host of Sunday Best. “Week after week, Geoffrey carried himself with humility and consistently performed with a heartfelt enthusiasm for praise and worship.”

Many people may find it difficult to work with a gospel veteran like Franklin, yet Golden has a slightly different perspective. “The greatest thing I found out about Kirk Franklin is his humility and his heart towards God’s people,” Golden said. “Because of the heart he has towards God and his people, God will continue to trust him with more assignments and more favor. It’s encouraging to me if someone as successful as he is can be touchable, and I’m speaking about his heart and him pouring back into the people God has entrusted in his care. To me, that’s a huge statement.”

Golden is looking forward to receiving his bachelor’s degree next year and plans to continue encouraging others to pursue their dreams.“I think so many things that our people do is out of the spirit of discouragement,” Golden said.  “We feel like we can’t get ahead, we can’t make it, so we start doing things out of despair. Young men who are getting involved in gangs and drug abuse, they don’t see the hope. I just want to say keep your head up because God has a plan.”

Ronnie Holman

Ronnie Holman

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