About Us

Atlanta Free Speech (AFS) is a digital outlet created and inspired by the legacy of Ida. B. Wells. AFS delivers news designed to educate and inspire its readers. We aim to be an authoritative news source for urban America by providing thought-provoking editorials, as well as information on community happenings, health, and entertainment that impact urban communities. AFS celebrates urban culture by profiling positive images of people of color through our editorial features.



Our mission is to promote the legacy of Ida B. Wells by providing our readers with current news that impacts people of color in an effort to inform our audience of her contributions and positive impact to world history. We seek to educate our readers on pertinent issues that affect their daily lives by delivering timely and quality content. AFS seeks to create diverse communities whose leaders will become responsible and productive models in the quest for liberty and justice for all.



Atlanta Free Speech is dedicated to preserving and disseminating the heritage of people of color globally just as Ida B. Wells once did during her quest to expose the injustices they face.  The growth and survival of blacks are predicated upon self-knowledge and self-respect, both of which are rooted in a knowledge of history and understanding how this history, if not known and understood, can repeat itself.  Therefore, the purpose of the Atlanta Free Speech is:

-To provide readers with current news that directly impacts their communities.

-To provide readers with information that gives them the tools needed to contribute to the betterment of their community.

-To maintain a repository of knowledge and an environment which fosters the intellectual, social, and culture development of urban communities.

-To engage in the exploration of innovative ideas through research and investigative journalism so our readers can be properly informed and cultivated to serve their community.

-To provide an increasingly diverse population with information that is used to better all people globally.

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